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Fluence is a blockchain-based, decentralized database network.

The new partnership will enable Friend to move further into the blockchain space by using Fluence as a data storage network available via the Friend Unifying Platform. Each Token project is different and the need for TokenMarket services varies - therefore sometimes all services are not provided and sometimes additional services are requested. The Fluence project has a couple of advantages: The disadvantages of the Fluence project are as follows: Fluence is a platform created to manage to store, and monetize structured data.

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  • Team
  • CEO
  • Evgeny Ponomarev
  • CTO
  • Dmitriy Kurinskiy

It’s no secret that cloud services have been vulnerable to data hacks and leaks, even huge global companies such as Equifax and Uber have been victims.

All operations on the Fluence network for data storage and management are paid with the native Fluence token (FLU) for trusted payments. By implementing a decentralized database network, aims to eliminate the vulnerability that results from storing large amounts of information in a small number of places. The Fluence project combines the advantages of centralized storage and processing of structured data and the advantages of a decentralized network of nodes.

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© Copyright - ICO SCHEDULE Fluence will allow to store, query, manage and monetize encrypted structured data, securing it with the power of blockchain technologies.

The project team has experience in software and blockchain development, platform building, cryptography, copywriting. Fluence makes it possible to create decentralized apps where users control, share, and monetize their data and provides a new level of privacy, control, and security for data storage. In comparison to traditional databases Fluence provides: The cost of storage and transactions will be defined by the market.

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), Fluence aims to distribute data across the storage space of its users. is offering 100 million FLU through its token sale. If one node goes down, the data will not be lost as the network will find new nodes to replicate, secure, and encrypt that data. About Fluence Fluence was founded in 2017 and  is the brainchild of Evgeny Ponomarev, Dmitry Kurinskiy, and Alexander Demidko.

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It must allow anyone to benefit from her data and build any application on top of it.

It can be used to pay for data storage and processing, for operations validation. In addition to making data vulnerable to hackers, centralizing information makes it easier for the government to exert its control. The project team gives some figures regarding the data loss, cloud storage etc.

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The economy of the Fluence network is built in this way.

The brick-layers of Web 3.0 need decentralized storage solutions to keep their data secure and encrypted, to lay the foundations of Web 4.0. All transactions taking place in the Fluence network will be recorded in the blockchain. Friend uses decentralized technologies to become an autonomous operating system on which developers can access more tools, services and resources which are owned by the community. There are information age commodities that are at the top of the value list… data, and your personal reputation. Data stored and processed in the Fluence network will have a high degree of security. “Because Fluence is decentralized and designed for sensitive data storage, it eliminates a single point of failure,” said Evgeny Ponomarev, co-founder and CEO of Fluence. The revenue model of the Fluence network is not mentioned, but most likely, the network will earn on commissions from transactions.