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COTI innovated using DAG for payments, built a generative Trust Chains algorithm that is used to achieve consensus and has introduced the Mediators, to decentralize payments dispute resolution.

Consumers using COTI will have a great user experience, mixing the best of traditional payments with the best of digital currencies. COTI plans to help create this change by becoming the first digital currency to allow international consumer transactions. This payment network sets the standard for how digital payments should work in the digital currency era. Together, these features will allow COTI to outperform as a mainstream payment processing system. The currency exchange integration lets users effortlessly and seamlessly move between fiat and digital currencies in an efficient yet affordable manner.

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  • Unauthorized charges.
  • Undelivered goods/services.
  • Non-conforming goods/service.
  • Billing errors.
  • Inadvertent transfers.

As expected the COTI team possesses many individuals from the software engineering space in order to contribute t the production of the protocol and Trust Scoring Engine.

It will be used to kick-start the development of trust scoring and the mediation platform of COTI. Images courtesy of COTI COTI is building a base protocol that is built for payments from the ground up. This system will effectively protect sellers or buyers in the event of transactional disputes that may arise within the XCT payment network. The principal competitors to COTI are both traditional credit-card companies like Visa and Mastercard and DAG payment networks like NANO and IOTA. Through the use of blockchain technology, COTI’s mission is to create a platform that solves today’s payment challenges.

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One blockchain company, COTI, is aiming to do just that.

When a user opens an account on the COTI network, a public and private key is generated from a random seed function, along with a Trust Score. COTI is a decentralized payment solutions combining the best of traditional features and the secured, immutability of the digital system. At the time of a transaction COTI will put in place instant settlements so merchants will be able to reduce, or eliminate their exposure to currency fluctuations. As a result of the explanation above, we list COTI at a low confidence speculative token. So the COTI team believes it will be able to effectively compete with them.

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A new blockchain platform called Coti is intending to match Paypal, not just in terms of speed of payment, but also in terms of the offerings of their full platform.

In other words, the liquidity that the Bancor smart contract provides will boost the efficiency and speed of the COTI network. By giving a layer of trust for all seller and buyer interactions, COTI removes the friction from the entire payment experience. COTI network users can expect low-to-zero fees, full buyer-seller protections, a robust Trust Scoring Engine and decentralised Mediation System. COTI is a unique payment transaction network that is powered by its own native digital currency, XCT. The total number of tokens available for sale during the ICOs of this digital currency is limited.

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However, the difficulty associated with adapting this new form of currency for daily use by consumers and merchants has created a void that FinTech startup, COTI, is set to resolve.

Because of these features, the COTI team believes this network will be the most popular crypto-payment system in the future. The Solution Driver Designed to overcome the scalability problems inherent in the current system, XCT is the native token that drives all settlements on COTI network. At the same time, other DAG payment systems do not offer dispute resolution, so COTI believes it will effectively be able to compete with them as well. COTI is a payments transaction network that was built from the ground-up to solve the payments challenges of today. The three main elements of this payment network consist of the trust scoring engine, mediation system, and currency exchange system.

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COTI hopes to be the catalyst for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in payment use cases.

COTI’s token sale information is still being held by its users. This is actually quite a remarkable feat, given that once it is fully operational, the COTI platform will be able to process upwards of 10,000 transactions per second. Our team includes veterans of the payments industry and Blockchain experts. Crowdsale closes on August 13, 2018 COTI is a cryptocurrency payment network that the COTI team hopes will solve problems inherent in current networks. The advising team surrounding COTI is full with investment analysts, hedge fund managers, and private equity partners from companies such as BlackRock, Arcana Capital, and Skybridge Investment.