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There is no decentralized competition as far as we know, if you are aware of such project please let us know in the comments down below.

Electron has been awarded two Innovate UK grants and over half a million pounds of venture capital funding. Power Ledger was at the 2017 Blockchain Summit where they got a lot of attention and they look to make many more strategic partnerships in 2018. Do we plan to invest long term ? Blockchain Agnostic Data Integrity and Management Platform. They operate a distributed P2P blockchain network which allows users to automatically sell and buy electricity harnessed from solar panels.

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  • 57% of all tokens will be sold during the ICO- 3% will either be airdropped of used for bounty campaign.

However, all investors will need to provide adequate identification in the form of passport etc, the team will request for it, and we’re continuing to process it. Blockchain is used across all information subscriptions: to manage permissions, ensure data integrity, and track access in an immutable blockchain record. Hype is very low since there is no official website for Cognida project, there is only webpage for Windmill Enterprises. During August and September clinical trial app beta launch is planned. Cognida will provide blockchain API libraries that map to enterprise services, authentication, authorization, encryption etc.

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Despite being super early days for WindmillEnterprise, we feel this could be a top 20 token for 2018.

  • Strong team lockups, that are linked to their Platform launch. Recently, in September 2017, Electron was awarded what they described as “substantial funding” from the UK Energy Entrepreneur Fund. Their platform will help users switch between the two efficiently. The main advisor is the president of Wanchain, so has huge experience that will help the team produce a great product. Cognida will try to leverage blockchain technology to establish a decentralized, immutable data store with the ability to enforce access permissions, ensure data integrity, and enforce security policies.

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The autonomous and trustless systems blockchain offers make it an ideal technology to reduce many of the inefficiencies power grids experience today.

We look forward to seeing the token metrics in due course. Blackouts and power shortages have been a reoccurring in problem in many places in the world, and the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. I said this before and I will repeat myself every time this happens- it is unprofessional and shows lack of interest in investors. Cognida has a solid team ,  well known advisors and if the community continues to grow we will consider investing short term. The other problem with hype is that except form TLG Cognida has no other social media channel, but TLG admin confirmed they will be established very soon.

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– In other words thanks to Cognida you could guarantee that no one tampered with the data and that only appropriate parties have access to said data.

High - Dustin Byington is Advisor and is the current president Wanchain. Total supply of issued tokens will be 550 million out of which 21% is dedicated for pre-sale and 33% will be dedicated or public sale. Because of this, it can take two to three weeks for a customer to switch their utility services from one source to another. For more information on Grid+, see their website and whitepaper. Power Ledger is the world’s first commercially-available, blockchain-based, decentralized energy trading platform.

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Team is currently working on deployment of official Cognida website.

Cognida has 3 co-founder, All 3 are experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs but only one of them has Cognida mentioned on his Linked in profile. We hope that this doesn’t mean that they will cancel the public sale due to VC investors. The Cognida Platform establishes blockchain-secure network service interfaces on public and private networks that connect to one or more digital assets. Cognida wants to deliver – Enterprise Data Integrity Powered by Blockchain. Registering energy meters on the blockchain will help utility companies comply with upcoming regulations which will require upgrades to existing metering systems and make the existing systems more efficient. Grid+ plans to turn the world of energy on its head with its artificial intelligence powered “smart energy agent”. According to whitepaper there are several partners – Wanchain, Rivertz, Factom and others. There is competition but those are centralized companies such as: Gresham, Information builders or Oracle cloud.